Artist Information

Liz Kain Jewellery was established in 1994 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The studio is situated in the heart of Toronto’s vibrant arts community - Queen West. The creative force behind the company, Liz Kain launched her business with her now signature Shakespearean collection. Drawing from a background in graphic design, Liz Kain’s jewellery is sculptural, whimsical, and visually engaging. Liz’s ongoing fascination with metal has led to a deep exploration of surface treatments. This is reflected in all of her collections. All the work is created from sterling silver, or a combination of 14k gold and sterling silver, often with the addition of gemstones. As well as designing several lines of jewellery. Liz also makes custom eyeglasses and one-of-a-kind flatware. Collaborating with clients and identifying their desires, provides an ongoing inspiration for coming up with new and challenging designs.Liz's jewellery is adornment in the best sense of the word.

Liz has participated in a variety of retail and wholesale shows in both Canada and the United States.


Upcoming Retail Shows 2018


September 8-10 Cabbagetown Arts Festival, Toronto